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Hey if you’re about to start your first bar tending job or your’re thinking it might soon be time to switch it up and get behind a bar for the time there’s no need to be overwhelmed by your new adventure. If you are a fresher and thinking of joining a job oriented course then you are reading a right article here.

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Whether you’re interested in impressing your friends with a cocktail party at your place or seeking a complete career change, bartending can be a profitable and exciting option. Bartending is a practical skill that may seem uncomplicated at first, so why would you decide to join a bartending school and follow one of the many bartending courses on offer?

Here are 10 reasons to go to a bartending school:

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1. Learn a fun and exciting new skill
Bartending may seem uncomplicated at first, but it requires a broad set of skills. People knowledge, cocktail techniques, spirit knowledge, and hosting are just a few skills you will master and can put to good use in your bartending career, as well as other areas of your life.

2. Meet new people
During a bartending course, you will meet a lot of new people with the same interest as you. These contacts can be great for your network as well as turning into friends for life.

3. Learn from a professional
Bartending is a skill that needs to be learned hands-on. Of course you can watch videos on YouTube and read bartending books but it won’t be the same as being taught by a professional instructor.

4. Avoid bad habits
The downside of being self-taught or working alongside other bartenders is the chance of picking up bad habits. It is much easier to learn a new skill instead of getting rid of bad habits. Learn the basics properly and you will integrate easily behind any bar.

5. Be part of an online community
If you join a bartending school with a solid, international reputation you can become part of their extensive network. They will be able to introduce you to their network, advice and keep you updated on what is happening in the industry.

6. Gain confidence behind the bar
You will learn the basic skills needed to work behind the bar. You won’t be a pro after one week’s worth of training, but you will be comfortable working behind any bar and continue to develop in your career. Bar schools like the {AIHS} AUS SKILL INTERNATIONAL Bartending School also have the proper equipment and bartending tools in house, for you to practice and build or refine your bartending skills.

7. Show your dedication at job interviews
The fact that you have made the effort and invested in yourself by doing professional bartending training shows your enthusiasm for the industry. Bartending training is no guarantee for a bartending job, but it definitely increases your chances. The Master Bartender course for example, teaches you the importance of body language awareness and how you can influence this to your advantage.

8. Learn relevant and up to date skills, fast
Joining a bartending course will fast forward your learning curve. Valuable information is presented to you by knowledgeable instructors, something that will take you a lot longer to figure out for yourself. Some bar schools like the Bols Bartending Academy also offer online courses for low fees. You can practice your skills for a much lower price before committing to a full blown bartending course.

9. Put your skills into action
Most professional bartending schools or bartending academies will have the facility to put your freshly learnt skills into practice at professional work stations. Most bars won’t offer the time and resources to extensively practice cocktail recipes, do tastings, practice pouring skills etc. At your bartending school you will have the career opportunity to put your theoretical knowledge into practice.

10. Learn in a no-pressure environment
A good bartending school offers their students a safe, fun and inspirational environment to learn and practice their skills, a great way to kick start your career!

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