These courses are for those who envision to work as a chef for 5 star hotels, leading restaurants or as entrepreneurs-a whole gamut of different individuals to cater to. This finely crafted one year course begins from the scratch and takes you to the advanced level, increasing your dexterity over all major international cuisines. The main feature of this course lies in its hands on approach where every student makes his/her own product in the kitchen. Additionally, certification from culinary solutions Australia international adds to the options of exploring the employment opportunities overseas.

For those who want to pursue cooking as a hobby, or working professionals who run short of time to pursue our long term courses, join the short term courses.

What can you look forward to?

1) These courses are handcrafted for beginners.
2) Effective training sessions
3) International internship / trainings
4) culinary solutions Australia international.


  • Food safety in the workplace
  • Budget preparation
  • Building & maintaining business relationships
  • Work in a team
  • developing and implementing business planning
  • environmental sustainability
  • First aid
  • hygiene in work place
  • implementing an occupational health and safety plan
  • kitchen cleaning and maintenance
  • leading and managing staff
  • preparation and cooking of seafood
  • preparations of entrees and salads


  • managing and maintaining budget
  • managing a diverse workforce
  • managing customer service
  • menu planning,development and implementation
  • mis en place and preparation of food
  • monitor day to day operations
  • nutrition and dietary requirements
  • occupational health safety in work place
  • preparations and cooking of desserts
  • preparations and cooking of meat
  • preparation and cooking of poultry


  • preparation of vegetable,fruit,egg and fish
  • prepare cakes,pasteries and yeast goods
  • prepare,cook and serve food for food service
  • presentation of food
  • principles of cookery methods
  • provide customer service
  • rostering staff
  • stock ordering and control
  • storage and receiving of kitchen supplies
  • training and team development
  • understanding business law
  • preparation and cooking of stocks and soups