Our many years of experience in both the hospitality and education industries have made us specialists in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessments for hospitality professionals.Our programs can help experienced hospitality staff achieve fully accredited Australian qualifications to further their careers, increase their knowledge and skills or to help them with migration to Australia .Our CSA International delivery program has partner schools in China, Malaysia, Nepal, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. These hospitality schools use our training and assessment systems to teach European Cookery, Asian Cookery, Patisserie and Hospitality Management.


From our extensive travels and discussions with overseas hospitality representatives it became clear that many students in overseas countries would benefit from being trained using the Australian Hospitality Training system but could never afford to travel to Australia for such training.
To solve this problem, we decided to make the same teaching and training resources available to overseas hospitality students using our unique CSA International training and assessment model. This means overseas students can study the same material and subjects as they would in Australia but in their own local environment and for a local price. After completing a CSAI Hospitality course they can then go on to find good jobs in the hospitality industry either in their own country or overseas.

The CSA International curriculum of programs and accreditation processes used by our partner schools give students theperfect grounding to build successful careers in professional establishments in either their own countries or overseas.


To Become a leading institution of India capable of helping thousands of people annually, to advance carrer through professional and vocational training and international certification program in culinary arts, hospitality management and short-term courses.


To deliver professional & vocational tranings and international certification programmes to produce highly skilled human resources in the field of hospitality and culinary art.


Access to a wide range of international standard hospitality training and assessment resources saving you the time and money in developing your own and keeping them updated.
1. The ability to deliver international standard hospitality training at ‘local prices’ and not expensive international prices.
2. Students can study in their own country instead of spending thousands of dollars going to expensive overseas schools.
3. Access to a team of experienced hospitality professionals who can provide ongoing support and advice for your school.
4. Regular scheduled visits to your school by CSA International staff to help market and promote your school.
5. A market advantage over your competitors with the ability to deliver international standard hospitality courses based on the Australian Standards.
6. Recognition of your school as a CSA International affiliated school which raises your profile in a competitive education market.
7. CSA International will also work closely with you to design and structure the most suitable courses for your school and your students.