This capability mirrors the job of a business Bakery culinary specialist who utilizes a wide scope of advanced baking and cake abilities and a piece of sound information on kitchen tasks to plan food and menu things. Utilizing circumspection and judgment, they work with some freedom and under restricted watch utilizing plans, approaches, and strategies to direct work exercises.
This capability gives a pathway to function as a bread kitchen and cake culinary expert in associations where multicuisine food is ready and served, including eateries, Bakery shops, lodgings, clubs, bars, and bistros.

What can you look forward to?
1) These courses are handcrafted for beginners
2) Effective training sessions
3) International internship / trainings
4) Café and bakery brands outlet apprentice as well as job placement.


• Introduction to a bakery
• History of baking
• Cuisine of bakery and pastry all over the world
• How to bake bread
• French pastries
• Tart, pie, donuts, cupcakes, travel cakes & celebration cakes
• Chocolate (history, uses, types).


• Own business
• Theme café
• Professional chef
• Corporate Chef
• Celebrity Chef
• Trainer
• Supervisory positions
• Airlines
• Railways
• Industrial cafe
• Cruise liners
• Hotels
• Restaurants
• Fast food outlets.

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