Since 2017, The Elite has been operating independently, With all facilities on site we are able to successfully maintain complete control of customer service, Training and Development skills of aspiring Hotel Management Candidates, meeting job requirements in India and U.A.E.

By maintaining this total control we are con?dent that your will show the initiative by providing the Manpower Requirements particularly in U.A.E will arrive where you want it, how you want it and when you want it. That is our guarantee to you.

When doing quality business, our reliability are paramount. The Elite is considered amongst our manpower supplier peers to be the industry standard for reliability in quality skilled employees. We achieve this with certain standards, examples of which follow:

“The Elite has recently introduced culinary food production courses by our recognized institute in Dehradun “
AusSkill International Hotel School. The Institute faculty Team will look after courses provided to the candidates from start to finish, ensuring efficient job knowledge in order to produce competitive skill worker.”